What is Kinesiology?

We all instinctively feel the connection between our brains and our bodies.

When we are emotionally down we describe ourselves as “feeling flat” and when we are at our most positive we describe ourselves as “full of energy”.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

This link is because the brain controls and dictates all our functions, like a computer.

But with injuries, emotional blocks, illnesses and stress that often occur in our lives, this computer is prone to getting a few bugs in the software and becomes out of balance.

Kinesiology looks at the mind.

90% of our brain capacity stems from the subconscious part of the brain, which oversees our memories and past experiences. It is from these memories and experiences that our core beliefs, behaviours and habits and formed.

This is also the part of the brain that makes your eyes blink and your heart beat without you having to think about it. These involuntary actions stem from the subconscious brain that is out of your awareness.

It is this subconscious part of the brain that we access as kinesiologists, via the integrity of the muscles.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

Your muscles are connected to your brain via the Nervous System and cross multiple meridian pathways in Traditional Chinese Medicine healing methods.

Using the muscles as a biofeedback tool when accessing this important part of the brain, we can then understand what imbalances might need to be corrected, that can be out of your awareness, thus rewiring the bugs in the software and restoring balance in the body again.

This is why you can feel really flat or unmotivated and you don’t really understand why. Kinesiology is a great tool to help you get to the bottom of the cause of your issue.

Kinesiology is like Physical Psychology.

When you address your current mental health, supporting and boost your health and emotions, it can be essentially like turning the stress tap off at the source.

This is because physical stress has an emotional link, and can be an end result of you not dealing with an emotion that you’ve suppressed or avoided in the past.

Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

We therefore work to improve your health by addressing emotional blocks on a subconscious level, via the muscles of the body that are linked to meridians (your body’s healing energy pathways) and internal organs.

We address the body structurally, biochemically, emotionally and electromagnetically, as a whole rather than in isolation.